When excellence and commitment meet

Every year, the Ferrer-Salat Foundation gives 12 scholarships to study any of the specialities taught at Conservatori del Liceu.

We know musical education is a key element in ones development and in social progress as well, but we are also aware that studying music is not an easy path and more often than not requires an amount of resources that not everyone has. We want to close the gap and avoid losing any talent to external factors such as economic matters and it’s because of this that for more than 10 years now we’ve been working to provide full scholarships to the young promises of tomorrow’s music with the Ferrer-Salat Scholarships Program to study at Conservatori del Liceu.

Our scholarships aim to give the economic safety net needed so the student can freely work on his artistic growth as a musician. The scholarship covers 4 years tuition in the prestigious Conservatori del Liceu, access to all its equipment and infrastructures and to its masterclass and concerts programs as well.

With the Ferrer-Salat scholarships we work to provide a space for the young talents to meet, grow and learn together in chamber groups, group classes and special tutoring from Liceu’s renowned team.

Dr. Maria Serrat explains us how the pursuit of excellence is the essential commitment of the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation.