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Promoting musical creation

Betting on new creations

Valuing our composers talent means working so that their compositions are played, listened to and acknowledged.


If you think about a music composer you will probably picture something rather distant. Something centuries old. Today, it seems that we only fill up theaters and music venues to celebrate those centennial authors, but todays music creation is still very much alive. It’s our duty to ensure that the art that will sustain our culture tomorrow doesn’t go unnoticed. The work of our composers enriches our present while creating our future heritage.

We know how important it is to create structures that support and ensure this kind of creative work. With the Reina Sofia Composition Prize we aim to give the composer recognition but also a platform to promote their music.

The competition gives a prize of 35.000€ that will ensure the viability of the composer’s labour. The Prize is given by Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain, giving great prestige to the winner. The prized composition will be played in premiere by the most important orchestra in the contry: Orquestra Radio Televisión Española.

The Reina Sofia Composition Prize aims to be a platform to promote the writing of new music for orchestra.

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