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Our goal is to reconnect music and society once again. Music can be a powerful tool, it can give us motivation, it can be a platform and it can even heal us. Because of this we are working everyday on a variety of projects that serve this purpose: rediscover the “us” in “music”.

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10 years of music and growth

10 years of music and growth

10 years of music and growthListen to “10 años de música y compromiso” by former Excellence Ferrer-Salat scholarship holder Martí Noguer.The premiere took place during the Ferrer-Salat Scholarships Concert last November 11th in Conservatorio del Liceu. The piece mixed...

Art is not only the goal but also the way to keep moving forward. We strive to fill theaters and lives as well.

We explore music two ways: the search for artistic excellence and its power to build communities. We want to take music form those sacred spaces that are not always welcoming to everybody and transform it to an empowering tool.

Our projects view music as an empowering tool. Learning music at a young age can help kids grow in and out the school. Special scholarships for music students that aim to become professional musicians can be a key element for them to to focus on their talent and have a better shot once they’re out of school.

Valuing the work of today’s composers will help assure a strong and healthy culture in the future. Thinking of our future, we have also started working to unite music and science to discover new ways in which music can once again help our mind and bodies.




Carles Ferrer Salat creates the Ferrer-Salat Foundation as a platform to our first project: the Reina Sofia Composition Prize, a competition to spark competitively, creativity and to give our composers the recognition their work deserves.


The Reina Sofia Composition Prize wants to ensure new creations are played, listened to and acknowledged by its cultural value. We know this kind of acknowledgment gives meaning to the work of our composers.


Sergi Ferrer-Salat becomes president of the Ferrer-Salat Foundation and starts expanding it year by year.


The Foundation starts a close collaboration with the Barcelona International Jazz Festival. From this partnership will be born important projects like the Liceu Jazz masterclasses.


The Ferrer-Salat Scholarships are created in collaboration with Conservatori Superior del Liceu to create a platform that secures our student’s talent. Starting at 12 scholarships per year, today we give more than 60 a year.


The Ferrer-Salat Foundation works with the Tenor Viñas Competition to include a special prize each year.


The Foundation starts founding a music therapy project within the Nexe Foundation, a group that works to offer resources and support to spcecial-care children and their families.


We start the Primària Musical project that ensures musical education for children that live in poorer areas of Barcelona. Music can be a key element in growth and development, we don’t want any kid missing that.


The collaboration with ARTransforma begins.